Corporate Identity


In old english smið meant broadly 'handicraftsman or practitioner of skilled manual arts', and thus we now have the words goldsmith, blacksmith or locksmith etc. Although the word rugsmith doesn’t yet have a literal meaning in the dictionary, we thought it would suitably fit to the community who are into the art of making carpets & rugs! Hope this word would bring a smile on your face -:)


The icon of our company is a combination of the letter 'R'. It is the first letter of Rugsmith, and they are placed in a way which symbolizes weaving. It also relates to the hindu religious symbol of 'swastika', which traditionally had been a sign of good fortune, luck and well being.  All the edges are softly rounded like the materials we use & the final products we manufacture, and also depicts our flexibility. There are no joints symbolizing the free flow, be it thoughts, expressions or ideas. The four free standing lines inside illustrates our firm stand of our vision & values.

The colors used too are a visual expression of our company's inner self. The deep blue color symbolizes harmony, serenity, confidence, creativity, dignity, integrity, trust, reliability & responsibility. The orange symbolizes the creative flair, adventurous & vibrant side of the company. It also reflects the reasonable price of our collections, the warmth in our feelings, and our optimistic & enthusiastic attitude.


Apart from rugs, as we have other products too in our portfolio, and shall also be adding more in the future, our tag line thus states 'rugs & beyond' with two horizontal lines on both sides. These horizontal lines also symbolizes two arms, wide open.