Care : Recycled Rugs & Accessories

The rate at which the natural resources of our earth are being consumed and thus getting depleted is too fast to sustain a healthy balance, and scientific research has been suggesting for years that the solution to control this lies in the 3 R's ie Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. A considerable part in reducing the global warming is how effectively we can recycle much of what we use, instead of turning them into unusable waste.

As responsible human beings, we have tried to design & develop rugs & other home furnishings on the recycle theme, and this unique product is a result of that ongoing effort. This rugs and accessories is manufactured from fabrics old & used garments, fashion accessories, or left-over items from any industry.

By purchasing these products, you will be contributing to conserve the planet. Come, let's not live just for today, let's join hands for a better tomorrow, a greener tomorrow for our future generations!

  • As the materials used are recycled, each item is unique in color & style.
  • Light vacuum occasionally.
  • Please do not soak in any liquid.
  • Avoid use of harsh chemicals for removal of stains.
  • Clip any protruding pile with a pair of scissors; do not pull them.
  • In case of water or any liquid gets spilled, soak up quickly with a colorfast cloth. In case of rugs, it should be dried on both front & back sides.
  • Keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces and open fire places.
  • Rotate or reposition the rug every three or six months to enable even wear & tear and also fading of colors.
  • Avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Remove food spills or grease etc by gently scraping with a spoon or the blunt edge of a knife.
  • Avoid keeping furniture with sharp legs on top of the rug as it might leave a deep impression.
  • Professional cleaning is recommended, maybe once in two years.
  • If the rug needs to be storing for a long time, then it must be rolled with the front-side in and wrapped with a clean cloth (do not fold or put in an airtight plastic bag).