Leather Rugs & Hides

Leather rugs & accessories is another premium category, primarily due to the high cost of the raw material i.e. the hide.
dye cutting

After a design is decided, an artwork is made stating accurate dimensions of each design element. Then the dies of the pattern (i.e. the design elements) are made in metal from a die making factory. The hide is placed on the bed of a Clicking Press machine, the dies are placed over it and the patterns are cut out with pressure applied by the machine. The cut-out patterns (whether blocks or irregular elements) are joint with a adhesive tape from the back and stitched on a sewing machine. Instead of tape, some manufacturers also apply latex on a non-woven sheet, paste the leather blocks on it and keep for some hours for drying. After the blocks are in place, they are stitched to each other either by rice stitch or zigzag stitch. Then a sheet of foam is glued to the back with latex.

strip cutting

This layer of foam mainly lends a body to the rug and also makes it a bit cushiony. A final backing of canvas or leather or any synthetic material is applied to the back of the piece as a protective cover, and the edges are treated as per requirement. The edges can either be left as it or bound by folding leather straps all around and then stitched. The finished rug is thoroughly checked for any defects, the protruding threads cut out, and now the rug is ready for us. These rugs are known as leather patchwork rugs.