Vision & Values


To be a reliable source for creatively developed - well crafted - reasonably priced quality floor coverings & other home fashion products, which on one hand will benefit all our associates & employees, and on the other hand enhance the quality of living of the final consumers of our products.


  • Ethics & Integrity: In brief - to always have a clear conscience in all our activities, and maintain honesty & fairness in our dealings.
  • Sensitivity & Responsibility: To be sensitive towards our employees, customers, suppliers, the environment, and¬†undertake responsibility of our actions.
  • Teamwork: This is inevitable for the growth of everyone, and we understand & practice it always.
  • Respect & Dignity: To be conscious towards holding the esteem of everyone.
  • Adaptive: Change is the only thing that is permanent in this world! We are ready to adapt to the ever changing nature of the trends & situations and stand by our employees, customers, suppliers.
  • Creativity: In this era where design plays a pivotal role, we always endeavor to explore & play with diverse materials, weaves, textures etc, and offer something new to the market.
  • Consistency: Whether new developments or routine production orders, the need to maintain consistency in everything is a must to win the trust of our customers.